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I will be 87 years young, November 24, 2013. I am in good health. I still own my little ranch, but I put it in a trust fund. The trust leases out the pastures, hunting and other assets. I have a comfortable income. I am invested. I have my own health insurance.

My grandson and his family live in my big home and I am now in a log cabin on the place.

I have two pet horses and a mule that I think quite a lot of. I also have some chickens, a buckboard, an out-house and a garden of sorts. As you can tell, I am rather old fashioned. I write cowboy stories because that is all I know about.

Sunrise and Sunset to you,


Books By Charles Ham

Authentic Cowboy Stories I
Authentic Cowboy Stories II
True cowboy stories of the 1930's
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John McCann Top Hand
A displaced old cowboy
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Reuben Meens, I Love You
A story about a young girl who had a crush on an older cowboy and never got over it
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Cowboy Reflections
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